How e-commerce has shaped businesses today

The business world is rapidly changing, and the growth in technology has been so rapid that entities that stayed behind have been swept off the track. A walk down the memory will reveal how it was a problem to integrate consumerism with social media, there was no cloud computing, mobiles phones were limited in their use.

Then technology came and the way things operate completely changed. Some of the changes were so fast that within one year they had become obsolete. Others improved significantly to incorporate emerging challenges.

How e-commerce has shaped businesses

Mobile solutions

All you need is smart mobile or tablet and the right software. Mobile devices are now capable of handling the following tasks: content marketing, sales initiation, and enablement, back-end processes such as invoicing and shipping, etc. All these are the click of a button.


Cloud computing

In this case, servers owned by third parties are used to manage operations and store data for small and medium businesses. Cloud computing has eliminated cases of loss of data, crashes, and downtime. The cost is also manageable to small businesses.

Social impact

With social marketing rising significantly, the world has in return shrunk so much that there are geographical, social or financial obstacles. The audience and market that businesses can reach are so huge that any small mistake like a bad review by a dissatisfied client is likely to damage the brand standing of the company.


Businesses, whether small or large have their eyes trained on the social media for any bad news. They have to be reactive in case some bad news is noted.

Decreased downtime

People are now able to access emails and computers anywhere. It does not matter whether one is vacationing or not. This has reduced the number of hours or days we take to respond to customers, place orders, etc.

People are now able to remain in touch with a lot of ease. Bosses can have webinars with their staff while they are miles away and strategies on the businesses. The ease of sending promotional information on emails has also increased. In this regard, mobile technology has enabled businesses to create portals where information is shared real time.

Segmented consumer base

Businesses can use their online date to identify the key and target market. The target market could be the millennials. The business will then go ahead, and tailor makes marketing and promotional products that target them. The social media platform being used will also vary depending on the target market. The much older populace will likely be targeted using other methods.fdgdfgdgdfgdfgfdg

In conclusion, when looking at how e-commerce has shaped the business, there is no indication that it is slowing down anytime soon. If anything, the growth trajectory is on the rise. The wave is becoming stronger with each year and the only option left is to join the bandwagon and reap the benefits that come with e-commerce. It is important that business owners leverage on the technological advancement to grow their business. Competition has also become fierce.