What to look for in quality beard and mustache care products


While growing a beard is manly, having a dirty beard may produce the opposite effects that a man is seeking with his bearded manliness. Keep your beard in the 21st century with good grooming practices that the modern woman will enjoy.

Below in this article, we are going to provide basic information on beard care beginning with shampoos and conditioners, that will provide a foundation for you to begin growing that manly mane the way it was intended to be grown, and that is with proper hygiene and care.

Proper beard care will not only benefit you but the person next to and that possible future wife eyeing you from across the room.


hdhdhd874The use of shampoo is the first step in proper beard care. A clean beard is paramount above all else when considering what to apply to your beard to keep it healthy and strong. Being presentable is what counts here. Also smelling good is important.

If you are going to get egg on your face because of the things you say, then be sure then at least your beard says, you’re forgivable.

Shampoos can strengthen the follicles, help you eliminate tangles as well as remove odors. There are also formulas out there to assist you with dandruff and itching caused by dry skin.


Now for the luxurious part, conditioner gives your beard its sheen just like conditioner for the hair on your head. It should be desirable to be able to run a comb through your beard. Don’t let tangles ruin the experience of having the woman of your dreams caress your face and run her fingers through your beard by allowing her to get abruptly stopped by not using a quality conditioner; this is 2017 for crying out loud, not your first steps out of Paleolithic period.

Frequency of washing your beard

This item is very important and also equally overlooked. Your beard should be washed regularly, which is just as often as you wash the hair on your head.

What to look for in quality beard care shampoos and conditioners


hdhdhd74The ingredients should mostly consist of words you are familiar with and are easy to pronounce. The shorter the ingredient list, often the better. Avoid parabens and products with alcohol as this will dry your skin and remove essential oils from your beard as well.

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